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A solution for monitoring chronic lung diseases

Aware Engineering

What we are solving and why?

Currently, measurements of medical device adherence are limited to self-reporting, which is notoriously prone to error. The aE system is the first platform to enable non-biased adherence reporting for multiple devices. We seek to improve patient-physician communication and patient adherence, by ensuring that every patient using medical devices can easily track, and share, their adherence and performance...more

  • Technology

  • Visualization

  • Prediction

Make Your Devices Smarter

Bluetooth 4.0 LE-enabled sensors upload your device activity to the cloud. No patient input required.

  • Nebulizers

    (eFlow & Pari, Philips, & DeVibiss Compressors)


    (Philips & Gerber)

    Airway Clearance

    (CPT, Flutter Devices)

Data Visualization and Dashboarding Wherever You Are

Discover your (un)healthy behaviors. Keep your doctor informed.

    1. Visualize your adherence
    2. Monitor device performance
    3. Real-time tracking and trending
    4. Securely monitor loved ones

Predictive Insights and Better Care

Using big data to keep you informed and healthy.

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